I love that the dead of winter gives us the sunniest fruit! This smoothie is light and refreshing, but still filling from the Greek yogurt. Its sunny, orange hue makes it the perfect breakfast to wake up to on a snowy, February Hump Day.


These pancakes are made with 100% whole wheat pastry flour, so they are tender but still have a nutty, wheaty flavor. Most of their sweetness comes from overly ripe bananas, with just a touch of brown sugar to keep them on the delicious side of the health food line.


Just salt, black pepper, onion and a little lemon juice is all you need to bring out the nutty sweetness in the brussel sprouts. They will make you a very popular person if you choose to share, or use these sprouts as a base for a fried egg for a tasty n’ trendy brunch for one.


This marrying of carrot cake and oatmeal cookie makes for three bites of sweet, chewy goodness that will go perfectly with your afternoon tea.


If you use hummus as a filling, two egg halves equal about 50 calories and 5 grams of protein. Pop as many as you like for a satisfying, guilt-free breakfast or snack.


Enjoy a steaming bowl of this warm, flavorful soup when you or a loved one is under the weather. It will keep your belly happy and your body healthy all winter long!


Tofu Spinach Burgers make a wonderful lunch, tucked into a whole wheat pita with some lettuce or kimchi. Bake them in the oven for a crisp outside and creamy inside.


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